Kamis, 08 November 2012


Welfare is a very important aspect in the life of society. The development of the welfare population is one indicator that can be used to determine the level of success achieved by the development of an area at a certain period. But the fact that welfare is not desirable because there are still many people who are on the poverty line. Welfare is not evenly distributed; especially in communities in the area around the forest is what lies behind the implementation of Forest Village Women's Group program. The purpose of this program is implemented to increase the potency and welfare of the people that are around the forest. As the implementation of this program are many adverse impacts on the community. So this discussion is very important to identify more deeply in order to achieve the desired level of social welfare.
The study was conducted in the municipality of Ngawi more precisely in the area Gandong Village, District Bringin, municipality of Ngawi. The reason the area became a place of research is due to the impact caused by the implementation of this program of Forest Village Women's Group (KPDH) clearly visible and already can be felt by most people in the area. In addition, the area is a regional pioneer of the (KPDH) implementation of this program. Research conducted by using descriptive research with this qualitative approach, aimed to find out the implementation program of Forest Village Women's Group (KPDH), the impact of program implementation KPDH and factors that affect the program. This research also aims to see how far the role and the real impact is felt directly by the public with the existence of this KPDH program in terms of lifestyle improvement and welfare of the people in the area around the forest.
The results showed that the objectives contained in the implementation of the policy program of Forest Village Women's Group (KPDH) for improving lifestyle and welfare of the community, most are already felt by the community. It is evidenced by the changes that occur among the lifestyle changes and changes in socioeconomic conditions in the area around the forest.. In addition to its impact in the implementation KPDH program is not separated from the supporting factors and inhibiting factors that influence it. Based on these conclusions, then there are some suggestions for the policy purposes in order to reach its maximum. These suggestions, among others, providing guidance on an ongoing basis, increasing pattern of good relations between the elements relating to policy, improving and enhancing the existing facilities and infrastructure and there are many things that can be done. The obstacle happened and is faced by exploiting the existing potentials and opportunities in maximum and sustainable.


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